Thursday, 25 October 2012

Trendy and Fashionable Ways To Store Items in Plain Site

A cluttered living space can make us feel closed in. It can also make a space feel smaller. We want to put away the clutter, but there is nowhere to put it. This is where visible storage comes in. There are ways to disguise our clutter as home accents and decor. This allows us to simplify things while also adding a touch of decorative flair to any room in the home.

The Bathroom

Colored glass bottles and jars can add color and personality to the bathroom. These can hold many of the small items that clutter vanities, such as bars of soap, dental supplies, small hair supplies and other small hygiene products.

Vertical shelving can be used to store towels and wash rags in a neat and organized way. For larger items, you can grab some good-looking baskets, put the items in them and put the baskets on the shelves. This allows you to keep all of the bathroom clutter you need in the bathroom while storing it in a neat and visually appealing way.

The Kitchen

Kitchens tend to have built-in cabinet space for most items. However, sometimes things like pots and pans really have nowhere to go. A pot rack is a simple and decorative way to keep these items off of the counters while adding a little decoration to the kitchen. Many food items can be put in decorative containers and stored on counter tops or shelves. For example, things like sugar, flour, rice and cereals can be put into decorative containers and then they are out and ready for use, as well as give some color and flair to your kitchen.

The Living Room

With the family spending a lot of time in here, it does not take long for clutter to start piling up. Shelving units and sideboards are good places to put storage. For things that you do not want to be seen, pick up some decorative baskets, place the items in these and then put these on the shelves along with normal shelf items like books and vases. This will give the shelf a neat blocked look. Baskets can also be placed under the sideboard, coffee table and side table.

For items that you want to be easily accessible, vases or bowls can be used to hold these. Such items include things like remote controls, coasters and anything you need to be handy.

You may choose to use an old trunk as a coffee table. This trunk can store many items and it can give a rustic or shabby chic look, depending on style and color, to your living room.

The Bedroom

A cluttered bedroom makes relaxing more difficult. The good news is that there are several ways to put things away in a visually appealing manner. First, take advantage of the space under your bed. You can take advantage of this in two ways. You can cover the area by using a dust ruffle as part of your bedding to disguise what you put under there and change the look of your bed a bit. Or you can use drawers on caster wheels. These drawers can be solid wood or you can use a decorative technique that fits the style of your bedroom. This is really the perfect space for extra clothes and shoes that do not fit neatly in your closet.

You may also choose to add some wall shelves. These can hold hatboxes and other boxes that look nice. Then, you can place smaller items in these boxes to get them out of sight.

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