Friday, 26 October 2012

Re-energize Your Living Room in a Classy Manner

The enchanting living room is always a great attraction. You must have a well-furnished living room. That is the best way you can turn your house into a home. Here are a few classy tips and suggestions that may help you beautify your front hall in a glitzy manner.

Colors for the Living Room

The first thing you need to select is the right palette of colors for the living room. This will help you form a great canvas for the rest of the living room decor.You must always pick bright shades for the living room. This will help you create a lively environment in the living room. You must avoid colors like blue or gray that may lead to moroseness.You may opt for one color for all the four walls and a contrasting color for the ceiling. Very often ceilings even have plain white shade.

Window Treatments for the Living Room

You must be wise when you select the window treatment for the hall windows. You may either opt for blinds or curtains. The curtains come in many attractive colors and you can pick the shade that goes with your living room decor.If you do not like the curtain holders to be visible, you may go for attractive window valences. They provide an added appeal to your windows.

Doors and Door Knobs

Doors may come in many different shapes. You may go for arched doors or majestic carved rectangular doors.You may select innovative knobs shaped like human hands.These easily attract the visitor’s attention.You must make sure that the door knobs are durable and last long. Clean and maintain these doors tidy so that they continue to look showy.

Couches and Coffee Tables

The first bits of furniture that you will think of having in your living room are the couches and the coffee tables. You must opt for innovative shapes of couches and coffee table. You may even go for couches of different shapes.You may even buy couches and coffee tables made from eco-friendly materials. These materials do not have any toxic effect on the environment. They can be your first step towards sustainable living.

Cabinets and Shelves

You need spacious storage spaces to accommodate your daily wares. You must thus have convenient shelves and cabinets. These days you will find cabinets of unique shapes and sizes in the market. Go for cabinets that suit the theme of your house.Make sure that the cabinet you choose does not occupy too much space. You may even check out on the Internet if you can make any DIY cabinet or shelf on your own.

Shoe Racks

You will come across many distinct variants in shoe racks too and most of them will be loved by you. You must pick the shoe rack that goes with the theme of your house. You may purchase mobile shoe racks or pipe shoe racks if they are convenient options for you.

Electronic Appliances for the Living Room

Most homes have the television set in the living room. You must thus have a cabinet or shelf to accommodate the television set. Make sure these look sophisticated and stylish.

Lamps and Lighting System

You must never neglect the lighting system when you design your living room. It can have a great impact on how your living room looks.You may have one large chandelier hanging from the ceiling. This will give your front hall a rich look.If you have any wall hangings, you can light these up with wall sconces. This will help you clearly show the intricacies of the wall hanging.

Indoor Planters

If you want to breathe life into your front hall, indoor planters are the first best pick. You may even make these at home. These are relatively affordable too.

Carpets and Tiles

The flooring can really not be complete if you choose the wrong tiles for your floors. You have to choose flooring that can be maintained easily.You can further increase the life of these flooring's by choosing the right carpets. Carpets reduce the rate of deterioration of the flooring.

Trash Cans

You must go for modern sustainable or disposable trash cans. They usually are better at disposing trash. You may even go for solar powered trash cans.


You may use a fireplace to create a focal point in the living room. You may even go for coffee tables with a fireplace in the center.


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