Monday, 29 October 2012

For Every Room a Different Style: How to Decorate Your House

Every room in your house serves a different purpose; it stands to reason that they wouldn't look the same. In order to make you comfortable and to put you in the correct frame of mind for whatever it is that you need the place for you need to decorate each room in a fitting manner. Let’s take a look at all the different rooms in your house, do a quick overview of what types of moods you might try to inspire, and how you can achieve each of those.


A bedroom is a bastion refuge for the weary. When you’re in your bedroom you’re either exhausted from your day or in a hurry because it’s morning and you have to get to work. Either way your stress level is likely to be high so you should try to remove any additional ones from the room. Pick warm and calming colors like green and brown to help take the edge off. Do not use more than 3 colors in your color scheme. Going for a more sleek and modern look while also keeping the total amount of furniture to a minimum will also minimize visual over-stimulation and help to make you feel relaxed and calm.


The kitchen is a place that’s utilitarian in nature; however it also carries an artistic sense. A well designed kitchen, unlike every other room in your home, absolutely needs to look clean, perhaps even sterile. The easiest way to do this is to install a large amount of easy to clean counter space, bright full-spectrum lighting, and use cooler colors like blues or grays.

Living Room

The living room is where we receive guests, watch the game, and to sit around with the odd cup of tea. This is the room in which to express your public style, whatever it may be. This room should bear the same face that you put on yourself when you go out into public. If you think of yourself as a high class individual, for example, you might hang art on the walls and put classic literature on the shelves. The lighting in any living room should be relatively warm, but bright, and ideally with large windows to let the sun in. You’ll want your color scheme to be neutral both to give you more options about what you can put in there and because you want to be able to easily modify the mood set by the room depending on the occasion which is more difficult when your color scheme does it for you.


A den is a delightful little room meant specifically to help you let your inner nerd out. Whether you've got comic book posters slathered on the walls, shelves stuffed with your favorite books, or stacks of old video games and every console that’s existed in your lifetime sitting in there, the den is a place to do what comes naturally. Depending on who you are you might have a stylish impeccably style conscious den reserved for unwinding with a book in front of a fireplace or you might literally have a room strewn with random junk (ahem, priceless valuables). This is the one place no one is allowed to judge you.

Edward Stuart is an art and decoration enthusiast as well as an online publisher for Framed Art. He frequently blogs on the topics of art, art history, design, and home decor.


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